Offers and prices

  • Home visit – 60 €. If the visit lasts longer than one hour, 30 € per each extra hour will be charged.
  • Bicycle tour – 20 € / hour.
  • Tour with Mare’s car – 20 € / hour + car rent 20 € / hour.
  • Tour with the client’s car – 1 hour 20 €. If the tour lasts longer than one hour, 10 € per each extra hour will be charged.
  • Exclusive tour – 40 € / hour.
  • One day with Mare – 120 €.
  • Folkcontsert 140 eurot
  • The concert and teaching of traditional dances by Kihnu Pillilapsed (young students who play traditional music instruments, dance and sing) 100 €
  • Traditional food, lunch or supper 20 eur per person
  • Transportation – price upon agreement

lambadIf, during the tour, it turns out, that the clients are very congenial and the tour itself is mentally enriching, interesting or educational to Mare, discounts are possible.

For those, who have contributed to the life and sustainability of the Kihnu community, there is also a discount. In some cases, the tour might even be free of charge.

It is also possible to negotiate the price if we are dealing with handicapped or elderly people, or low-paid cultural or educational workers. Sometimes Mare might recognise her mission in that 🙂

In case the clients are interested in catering, it should be known in advance.

It is also possible to ask for accommodation.