Mare’s traditional culture network

viiuliõpilasedMare has made dozens of films, photo reportages, newspaper and journal articles all over the world. To carry out a story that best characterizes Kihnu, Mare has developed her own traditional culture network.

The people, who are part of that network, have the know-how and skills of different angles of Kihnu culture. They can show or describe their skills, or they are just colourful personas in Kihnu culture. These people are Lohu Ella, Järsumäe Virve, Tika Enn, Kuraga Mari, Merässe Salme and many more.

There is also a price list that starts with 20 € / hour, 10 € per each extra hour. The topics that the network covers are handicraft, traditional music, church songs, seal hunting, fishing, traditional food, motorcycle riding etc.

Mare arranges the meetings with the above mentioned people and helps in translating, if necessary.

It is also possible to order the performances of folklore ensemble Kihnumua and Kihnu Pillilapsed (school children that play traditional instruments, sing and dance).