Mare’s rewards

2013 Act of the year – Opening the lighthouse for visitors by Kihnu Cultural Space foundation.

2012 Laureate of C.R.Jakobson’s reward, the most popular educational and cultural worker in Pärnu County.

2011 Honourable testimonial of the Kihnu Parish government for organizing Kihnu Fiddle Festival.

2011 The annual grant of the Folk culture endowment of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

2010 The Kihnu person of the year (for starting and carrying out the annual tradition of Kihnu Sea Festival (Kihnu Mere Pidu).

2009 Laureate of the Award of Cultural Heritage of the Estonian National Folklore Council.

2006, 2007, 2009 Honourable testimonials of the Kihnu Parish government for the promotion of Kihnu traditional culture (The instruction of the Kihnu culture and history study group for students, the promotion of traditional culture, the purchase of Metsamaa farm).

2005 Honourable testimonial of the University of Tartu for the promotion of regional cooperation.

1998 The badge of honour of the Citizenship day for citizenship education.

Mare is the member of honour of the Estonian Lighthouse Society.