Mare’s accomodation


Ranniku farm
Ranniku farm is situated near the port in Lemsi village. Next door, at Rooslaiu farm traditional bread and smoked fish are prepared and sold on a daily basis. Another 100 meters and you will be in Kallase shop – one of the 3 main shops on the island.
At Ranniku we offer accommodation for 8 people in the main house and up to 10 people in the traditional house. All guests can use the shower and kitchen in the main house. Ranniku farm is situated very near to the sea and there is a wonderful view of Kihnu port.


Uiõ-Matu farm
Uiõ-Matu farm is situated in Rootsiküla, near the lighthouse and Metsamaa traditional farm. We offer accommodation for up to 12 guests. In addition it is possible to order traditional food and enjoy a hot sauna and a steaming dip in a wooden barrel hot tub.